Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Put on Your Running Shoes

...head out the door, run to the nearest newsstand/bookstore, and grab a copy of the first stand-alone issue of Runner's World!

True, one of my dearest friends is the editor in chief, and Piolo is shirtless on the cover (a fact repeatedly mentioned in posts about this mag, I found), but those aren't the only reasons you should go out and get it. The issue's packed! And my favorite feature is an eight-pager on a running icon.

For anyone who likes a good, well-written inspirational story, flip to page 80 and get to know the "Mayor of Running" Bart Yasso. I seriously got teary-eyed while reading it. He has truly pushed his body beyond limits, and has found happiness, has found himself, at the finish line. His story made me believe that my body is capable of doing more than just a measly half marathon!


  1. Hi Tish! While I marvel at the thousands of miles that Bart has run, I am also awed at the 21K that you've already accomplished. Never say that your half marathon is measly; you worked hard to earn that!

  2. oh could you describe a half marathon measly! again, the secret is in the mind! :D you can do anything!!! :)

    I think i better check this mag out. I love true stories about truly inspirational people :)

  3. Thanks for the vote of confidence!:) But I do reserve the right to call my 21K measly. Haha. (Mawee, I don't want to mislead anyone--I honestly could've worked much harder!) It's an accomplishment, for sure, but I think it's nothing compared to what my body is truly capable of, if only I exert more time and effort.


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