Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our Royal Wedding Viewing Party

Yes, I'm one of those people! And I actually planned a tea party to watch the most anticipated wedding in recent history. And who would be free to attend a tea party on a weekday? Who else but my freelancer friends! The attendees:

1. M (hiding behind his iPhone) - The only guy. He rolled his eyes every time we squealed. He made inappropriate (but funny!) comments throughout the ceremony. He commented on the women and the cars, just to guy it up a bit. BUT he was the only one tweeting about the wedding all throughout! Ha!

2. BFF Ching (not shown. The only night shifter was still busy getting her Happy Lemon fix) - The girl who said Princess Catherine's brother James Middleton was "pwede na."

3. Coni (henceforth to be known as "Koni," inspired by Catherine's Kate) - Our commentator. She knew pretty much every guest that arrived at Westminster Abbey--except for the guy in the barong! Of course she knew everybody; she had hoped to become part of the royal family, after all. She didn't intend to watch this wedding because it was just too painful to see the love of her life exchange vows with another. But we convinced her, yay! (Kons, there's still plan B! Go get that see-through dress!)

4. Issa - She brought yummy egg-and-mayo and tuna sandwiches as well as Mint and Orange Kitkats. Woohoo!

5. Chinggay - Our hostess. (Thank you for your air-conditioned den!) The girl who said that she was in love with this couple. Sigh. Since it was too hot for tea, she provided a steady supply of iced tea and a bucket of ice.

6. Me - The girl who had a couple of free hours on a weekday after working on a Black Saturday. (Boo!) I was exhausted after a looong shoot and was having a bad day. And when I got to Chinggay's, the power went out! "Guys, sorry this is my fault. I'm the one who's malas today." Thankfully, the power came back on after a couple of minutes.

I had wanted us to dress up for this, but they all vehemently objected given the heat. And I didn't have time to buy fascinators. Shucks. Still, I'm sooo happy we did this. It was great to be squealing and jumping around together (well, except for Miguel, who just kept shaking his head)--when we saw William and Harry in the car on their way to the abbey, when Kate came out of the hotel, when the couple's hands were joined together, when they rode the carriage to Buckingham Palace, and when they kissed! Sigh. I am really rooting for this couple. I really hope that they'll live happily ever after!


  1. I had fun, ms. tish! we have to come up with an excuse to do such a thing, again! :-)

  2. I was glued to the television... until I have to go out for dinner. I was kind of disappointed with Kate's dress :( and the bridal bouquet :((

  3. Happily ever after as known by Trish and Hamil and Frances and Vince =P

  4. My wife got up early to watch--and took off from work on Friday. =)

  5. looks like you had fun watching! :) i do hope the royal couple lives happily ever after too. ;)

  6. I wish I had friends who understood my need to KNOW everything about British Royalty!!! Sadly, none at all. Everyone's gushing about the dress and the romantic ness, but I want to discuss about the significance of the Cartier Halo tiara, why the Queen loaned her that, the newlywed's new titles and Princess Catherine's duties as the new Duchess of Cambridge.

  7. Coni, who needs an excuse? Just holler when you wanna meet up! It was so nice seeing (and hearing :D) you again!

    Chew On This, I think she played it safe, which is the best thing to do in the situation I suppose. If you want to read more about the dress and the significance of the design ("The unique lace custom made for the dress incorporates four emblems of the United Kingdom; the rose, thistle, daffodil and the shamrock"), read: Also, the bouquet wasn't spectacular, but the flowers were carefully chosen. I LOVED that there was Sweet William in there!

    Frances, happily ever after as not known by Charles and Di!:s But yes, over-the-moon happiness!:)

    Ric, did you watch with her? I had to work right before the wedding...and it was a stressful day, I tell ya.:s

    Sugar, yes we did! And I stuffed myself with tea sandwiches, popcorn, and chicharon. What an odd combo.

    Aicha, ahh, I'm interested in history in general. As with other areas, I'm a jill of all trades. I see you're a master of the British royalty.:)


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