Monday, May 30, 2011

A Li'l Something for Newlyweds

Our June issue is out now, and it's got loads and loads of tips for newlyweds! We thought of this issue because a lot of info in GH is actually useful for newbie homemakers (cleaning, cooking, budgeting, etc.). This ish includes features on easing the transition from being single to married--how to deal with in-laws, finances, and even decor ("We don't have money for new furniture!" "Help! My wife wants me to sleep in a pink bedroom!").

I do want to write a bit about our newlywed cover stars, Oyo Sotto and Kristine Hermosa. I've gotta say that this was perhaps the most kilig GH shoot ever! To be honest, I didn't recognize Oyo's appeal until I met him. Mygad, that boy is just oozing with Vic Sotto charm! Our contrib (who owns the place where we had the shoot) remarked, "Nung kinausap na niya ako, sabi ko, 'Bakit ako kinikilig?'" ("When he spoke to me, I wondered, 'Why am I getting all giddy?'") And the way he looks at his wife--sigh. It's like he's ready to commit bloody murder just to protect her. He's so completely in love. I can't describe it fully--it's not cheesy at all, since he's still so manly. Haha. And She's breathtaking. She looks like a doll! It was hard not to stare. They make such a beautiful couple!

We've still got lots for our long-time readers. If you've got a school-age kid, you might want to start thinking about his or her high school options--there's more to high school in the Philippines than public schools and the typical private Catholic school. (I'm not knockin' em--I'm a product of an all-girls' Catholic school. But there are other options.) Administrators and alumni of different types of schools give the low-down on what it's like to go to a science high school, an arts high school (yes, there is such a thing), a multiple-intelligence school, an international school, a special education school. We even feature home-schooling.

And because Father's Day is coming up, we also have a few gift ideas for the special guy in your life.

Sooo many other features, and all for just a hundred bucks! Grab a copy now!:)


  1. Very nice this blog!!
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  2. Kristine Hermosa and Oyo Boy Sotto look gorgeous, but what caught my eye was the "Look Great on Zero Sleep" beside them, haha. Will definitely grab a copy! I may stray a few times but I'm a Summit girl at heart. :-P

  3. Ooooh, I will definitely get a copy! So excited for this month's ish!

  4. I'll definitely buy this issue... Something I can really relate to because I'm hesitant to buy the previous issues wherein they already talk about wives with kids... Still far from that. =) I'm one of your avid readers, by the way. Keep on posting real good stuff! =)

    -Cham Cuartero
    Davao City

  5. Thanks, everyone!:)

    Cham, a lot of our readers are actually single girls. Excuse the sales talk (haha), but even my single friends were pleasantly surprised when they got a copy to support me, and discovered that the contents are relevant to the modern woman, not just wives/moms.:) Happy reading!:)

  6. Got my copy now Ms. Tish! Already browsed through it last night. No regrets at all. Will continue reading during my quiet times and will let dear S read it too. Lots of articles you can actually "READ", unlike some mags which are just thick with ads. Will definitely blog about my latest learnings soon... =)

  7. Cham, do post a link once you've blogged about it, would love to read it.:)


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