Friday, May 6, 2011

Wardrobe Update

This week has just been about work, work, work, and disc, disc, disc. (In true last-minute kaladkarin fashion, I decided to join my first international tournament, and am just cramming as much training as I can into five weeks.) Worked til midnight one day, did a radio tour, and had to give some welcome remarks at a Marionnaud event at the Mall of Asia.

With the Marionnaud reps, my friend Macky (Isabel) Roces, Maritoni Fernandez, Jackilou Blanco, and Maricel Laxa

For said event, I was asked to wear something floral. This, and the royal wedding viewing party, made me realize that I need a more well-rounded wardrobe. I don't have anything that's garden party- and tea party-appropriate! So, in line with GH's "Keep? Toss? Buy?" feature this month, I'm trying to figure out what items I need to purchase. My list so far:
  • Nude wedges
  • An LBD (I have a lot of black dresses, but none of them look cocktail-y)
  • TV guesting-worthy dresses
  • More flats! My poor Celine ones are suffering from overuse. (Try spending a day at a shoot in four-inch heels.)
What do you need to complete your wardrobe?


  1. I'm on the hunt for the perfect nude wedges too! Holler if you find one (and post pics!) :D

  2. you all look gorgeous! i wish you posted a solo picture so we can see a full view of your outfit. :)

  3. I want to get nude pumps and comfy flats :). Oh and more summer-y skirts :)

  4. I need dress shorts :) wow! Your work is pretty interesting :D being required to wear something for tea-parties. It's good that you weren't required to wear an odd hat too. :)

  5. Sam, I will!

    Sugar, I was just wearing an old dress I wore to a spring wedding in the US before. And it was a fat day so I wore a cardigan despite the heat!

    Mav, let Sam and me know if you find nude pumps!

    Chew, this is just a small part of my job. Most days, I'm sitting at my desk, editing articles.:)


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