Monday, May 2, 2011

Our May Cover Girl Is...

Top from H&M. Cover girl wanted to borrow it for the shoot.

Actually, no. That's just me, behind the scenes, wearing the cover girl's watch for safekeeping!

This month marks Mother's Day, a day meant to remind us of the women who gave birth to us, raised us, and lovingly put up with all our crap imperfections. And so, this month we honor those ladies with our Mother's Day Special, one of our biggest issues of the year!

Cover photo by Sara Black. Makeup by Marie Calica. Hair by Elaine Ganuelas. Styling by Jasmine Mendiola. This cover story marks the first time that the Power of Three (i.e., Runner's World EIC Marie, Martha Stewart Weddings former EIC Tata Mapa, and myself) officially worked together!

We've got Ballsy Aquino Cruz on the cover for the first time! This cover story (written by Tata Mapa) tells you who she is, beyond being a former president's daughter, and sister to our current president as well as to the queen of endorsements. She talks a lot about things she learned from her mom, which leads me to one of our features: "What I Learned from My Mom"--the best advice that celebs' moms gave them. A sampling:

"As a woman, make sure you're still independent. So no matter what happens, you can support yourself." —KC Concepcion, actress and singer

"I wouldn't be who I am if not for my mom. She always told me I was beautiful so it didn't matter that other children said I was ugly. My mother said I was beautiful, and I believed her. I know myself best, so why should I let myself be affected by what others say? I know who I am. And I wouldn't gotten to where I am if not for my mom. Now everything I do, I do for her." —Venus Raj, Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 2010

"Always keep in mind that whatever you're going through, be strong!" —Gerald Anderson, actor

Other features:

*Makeup for your face shape! We've all heard about clothes to fit your body type, but this feature is all about working with your face shape, whether yours is round, square, oval, heart-shaped, or oblong. (Which one are you? Got any special makeup tricks?)
*Keep? Toss? Buy? We sent our fashion editor and a stylist over to six readers' homes. They went through the mommies' closets to help them figure out which items could stay, and which have got to go! (We found out that a lot of ladies have unflattering 90s-style horizontal-striped shirts...)
*Little Girls Gone Wild—I don't know about you, but it kinda bothers me when I see girls who haven't hit puberty winding and grinding on local TV, wearing the skimpiest outfits. It just seems...wrong. Worried that your little girl (or niece, or sister...) is acting way too, well, wild? Read this!
*Back-to-School Prep Guide—It's weird. One minute it was the start of summer, the next, it's winding down (yet still sweltering, gah)! It feels like kids have just graduated and are just starting to get into the groove of their vaycay, and here we are, talking about going back to school. But here at GH, we like to be prepared. There are things you can do now so you won't have to worry about them in June--and so you'll avoid the last-minute back-to-school scramble.
*Food! As always, we've got lotsa recipes, including budget recipes starting at P22!

...And so much more! (Forgive me, I'm on Home TV Shopping mode!) All for just a hundred bucks. Available at newsstands, supermarkets, and wherever else magazines are sold.:)

P.S. Mommies! Dine out on Mother's Day and get a GH tote bag! Check out the May issue/our Facebook page for details.:)


  1. will definitely be picking up your mag this month. :)

  2. I hope my kids have something nice planned for Mother's Day. =)

  3. Thanks, Sugar! So sweet of you.:)

    Ric, Happy Mother's Day to the wifey!


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