Friday, May 27, 2011

Mankind's Only Hope

Heartbreak. That's the only way I could describe what I felt in the dying seconds of Game 5 of the Eastern Finals. I seriously teared up when my beloved Bulls were eliminated. I was stunned. I was pained. It's not just that I'm anti-Miami (Wade, Bosh, I got nothin' against you. I have issues with that other guy). I am truly a Bulls fan. And not just a bandwagon fan. When D-Rose was a rookie, I saw something in him that I really liked, and so I've had a soft spot for his team. This game will haunt him for sure.

Ugh. I'm still not over it.

Anyway, now, our only hope is this guy...

Please, Dirk, play like you've been playing. Shake off 2006. Save us from the King. He'll most likely get a ring eventually. But please, not just yet.


  1. Go mavs! break the heat! :D

  2. I'm anti-Miami. I can't believe how that game ended. In so few minutes the Bulls threw away all of their hard work during the long season and the post-season. Of course, I had to watch the Washington Capitals spend 4 awful games throwing away their season. Oh well, at least the Wizards didn't disappointment me. =)

    Go Dallas!!!


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