Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Of Premieres and Pedring

I was supposed to watch D's movie premiere today, and was ready and willing to give my support. I did have three concerns though:
  1. I get really affected when I watch movies about cheating. I normally want to gouge the mistress' eyes out!
  2. I was slightly nervous about how my husband would react to a dramatic film. I don't really know a lot of guys who would eagerly line up to see a movie called No Other Woman.
  3. I didn't know if I was fully prepared to see a friend MOMOL it up onscreen.
But because of Typhoon Pedring, the premiere was cancelled. Oh well. Will have to catch it when it comes out. Maybe not with my husband though. And in case you haven't seen the trailer...

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  1. Natawa ako sa number 3. Just saw the trailer last night. Grabe. Haha. :P


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