Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Masterpiece (Or, How to Paint Stripes on a Wall)

I finally painted stripes on one wall of our second floor! I just wanted an accent wall up there because the area seemed too plain.

Originally, I wanted black and white stripes to match the pillows we have on the first floor. But it seemed a little too formal for the second floor, where the bedrooms are. Former Real Living stylist Coni suggested Tiffany blue. At first I was hesitant, but I figured a very light blue would complement the cappuccino-bordering-on-beige-colored bedrooms. My husband, who normally lets me have my way, mentioned that he didn't like the idea of a multi-colored house. So I settled for Ivory, very similar to our existing bedroom color.

To paint your own stripes, you'll need:

  • Masking tape (not shown), for making stripes
  • A small can of paint (I used Boysen's enamel paint in Ivory)
  • A roller and paint tray
  • A paint brush for little corners and edges
  • Something to mix the paint with (e.g., that stick up there)
  • Old newspapers--but we didn't have newspapers so I used a beach mat to protect the floor
  • A ladder (not shown)
The step-by-step for a prepped wall (meaning no paint removal, sanding, and putty-ing needed):

1. Clean wall! You don't want dust and random cobwebs getting stuck under the paint.
2. Protect the floor and surrounding furniture. Cover with newspapers, drop cloths, or (in my case) a beach mat. Cover outlets and light switches with masking tape.
3. Make stripes by taping even sections with masking tape. I used two-inch wide masking tape.

4. Mix paint then pour into paint tray.
5. Dip roller into tray and start painting, using up-and-down strokes.
6. Using paint brush, paint corners and edges not covered by roller.
7. Let dry. Slowly peel off masking tape.
8. Retouch areas as needed.


With our dreamy MDF chandelier (must buy energy-saving bulb!)

Sounds simple enough, and it would have been had I not knocked over a can of paint (more on that in a future post)!

It's far from perfect--the original white paint peeled off some parts and I had to retouch, some edges aren't fully Ivory, the last stripe on the right is a tad darker (I had to use a brush since it was too small for a roller)--but I'm still quite proud of my handiwork!


  1. well done tish! it really brightened up the place. and good call on the softer color choice-- esp for a small hallway.. I love bright airy houses!

    what happened to the can of paint? spoiled beach mat? :(

  2. Thanks Joey! Oh that beach mat didn't stand a chance. Haha. I didn't take pics of what happened (was too frustrated), but will blog in detail soon!

  3. i love it!!! i wanna copy you... i downloaded a program for interior designing! it's so fun and bon is amazed because when we were planning the clinic, my model was a shoebox! i love the color too... clap clap!

    ps. what if when u peel off the masking tape, some of the base paint come off?

  4. That's where the retouching comes in.:) I bought a small can of white paint and paintbrush for that purpose. If you see it, er, "in person," you'll see the little patches where the base paint came off. So I guess the best thing to do is to peel super slowly!

  5. Use blue painter's tape. :)

    I had a landlady na maselan sa walls so I had to used this tape to stick anything on the walls. Worked really well. :)

  6. That looks much better with the stripes on the wall, and that is great that you did it yourselves. And thanks for the tips in case we ever want to try it ourselves as well. :-)

  7. PS—
    Duh, for a moment there I'd totally forgotten you were a Real Living editor for many years!


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