Friday, October 22, 2010

YASP (Yet Another Shameless Plug)

Come one, come all to the launch of my other baby, Real Living's Handy Hints and Instant Makeovers!

Today at 5:00 PM, Robinsons Galleria Activity Center. Team editor Rach sadly won't be around, so guess who has to give the opening remarks?

I've worked on six books for Real Living (as of last count), but this one marks my first stint as book editor! Art director Carl and I were working on it just as we were starting at GH, so you can imagine how much sleep we got (or didn't get).

Read more about the book here. It's only P120! Makes for a great, el cheapo Christmas gift!


  1. So Tish, would be happy to have it as my Christmas gift. wink wink....serious,pls get one for me. Thanks. And Congrats!

  2. congrats tishie :) proud of you :)


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