Monday, October 4, 2010

Now I Know Why People Cry on "Biggest Loser"

I started this workout I found about from Macy...

...and now I understand why people bawl through their workouts on reality show, The Biggest Loser! In this workout, trainer Jillian Michaels really pushes you to work through the pain. I was only thankful that she wasn't here in person to yell at me as I did my poor excuse for pushups. I couldn't imagine what the contestants on TV had to go through as they suffered through three hours of Jillian's special brand of torture.

I read stuff about the workout before I got started on it, and there were things like, "It will hurt to live." Thankfully, I'm relatively fit so I didn't think I would drop dead in the middle of all those jumping jacks, but I still did find it challenging. It's scary thinking about what she has in store when I reach Level 3.

A bit of info on the 30 Day Shred, in case you're interested in trying it: It's supposed to get you shredded (duh) in 30 days (DUH), and it does so with a 20-minute workout. Jillian leads you through circuits made up of two minutes of strength (free weights needed...although I had to do without), two minutes of cardio, and one minute of core. The most difficult parts for me were the pushups, as I do not have upper body strength--I tend to avoid anything that'll make my naturally bulky biceps any bigger, so I'm a bloomin' weakling. The lunges were also a little tough on my injured ankle; the jump rope, on my injured knee. I did work up a sweat, but over all, it was manageable.

I like that it's just 20 minutes because, given my crazy schedule, I don't have time for hour-long runs. Jillian says things like pain tells you that it's working, that change requires pain. I try to do everything right, no shortcuts. Cheating won't give me the results I want. I've really gotta whip myself into shape to get my body bikini-ready for our upcoming trip! If only Jillian were around to keep an eye on what I eat!


  1. Whoa, I am interested. =O! The workout sounds great!

  2. Interesting! Sounds hard core. :P

  3. Try it!

    Lei, not sure nga if I should do it pa today since we have disc naman. Hmmm. But I read somewhere that you start seeing results after five days.

  4. where to get a copy? looks nice

  5. I just got mine from a friend. You could try ordering online, having someone from the US send it to you, or going to Metrowalk or MCS if that's your kind of thing (but I don't recommend that last option...).

  6. Hmm..interesting..Will definitely try!! :)


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