Friday, October 1, 2010

The Great Escape

Hamil and I got to test-drive a sweet ride one weekend, one of the perks of my job. Yay!

Shirt from Amanda's Place, shorts from Bayo, shades from Forever 21

Can you guess what he's driving? Hint: Check the title.;)

We headed south, to T House in Tagaytay, where we had a free overnight stay waiting for us. (Another job perk! Yay!)

The driveway leading to the facilities

Clean-lined, Zen-inspired (this photo taken during our first visit nearly three years ago)

The daybed where I wanted to while away the morning reading

Not to sound ungrateful, but it's kind of ironic how the "T" in T House is supposed to stand for tranquility. During our stay, it could very well have stood for tumult! There was an event--a very loud one--at their in-house pavilion, and neither the rooms nor the spa were spared from the noise. The receptionist did warn us right off the bat that there was a party going on, so it's not like we were caught off-guard. But thank goodness we didn't have to pay for our stay!

We were given a fairly spacious Earth room, which sported the modern Asian look of the rest of the boutique hotel, with some subtle Japanese touches like a low bed.

Since the restaurant staff seemed busy at the event, we decided to have dinner in our room. I ordered the saffron cream fish fillet, while Hamil had the salmon wrapped in nori, served atop some wasabi mashed potatoes. If I remember right, we ordered this on our first visit too.

He then treated me to a nice massage at T Spa. Ahhhh.

The massage bed covered in batik

The outdoor treatment area (photo taken the next morning)

Would have been much more pleasant if we couldn't hear the muzak coming from the pavilion though! Anyhoo, after we had the knots rubbed and pummeled out of us, we headed back to our room to turn in. A little treat was waiting for us...

Hot tea and a couple of cookies! Sweet. I nibbled around the raisins though. (Tishie Tishie fact: I generally don't like raisins, and I especially don't like raisins in meat dishes! I can eat chocolate-covered ones though.)

The next morning, we headed to the restaurant, which finally had someone on hand. For my complimentary brekkie, I chose the tapa.

The rice was shaped like a slice of cake. Novel.

It was a nice, quick getaway, made especially enjoyable by the fact that we only had to pay for dinner and our massages! Sadly, we had to return the vehicle when we got back to Manila. It was fun while it lasted.


  1. Hi Tisha! I think it's a Ford Escape your hubby is driving. :-D

  2. Not really good with guessing the entry ended without me figuring out what car you're test driving :) hindi ako magaling sa cars...hay :)

  3. Good job, Glaiza!:D Um...nice try, Roms. Haha


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