Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dream Dress

Caught a season one episode of Downton Abbey on TV this morning, and I just salivated over Mary Crawley's clothes all over again. This dress in particular is something I'm totally lusting over.

I would love to have it made for one of the weddings I have to attend this year (there are quite a few, although nothing close to the dozen I had to go to a couple of years ago). But my BFF, who's made most of my formal wear, is pregnant (woohoo!) so I need to find a skilled yet reasonably priced substitute dressmaker. Any leads?

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  1. Hi, there!
    I found your blog very intresting! A lot of inspiration for myself!!!

    I would like to keep in touch with you. Would you like to follow each others blog on GFC and Bloglovin?

    Lots of love,


Oh, so sweet of you to drop a line!:)