Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fifty Shades of Gray

I am so, so tempted to redo our house, or at least, our second floor. I'm getting tired of our mocha walls. I want something serene, and a tad more grown up. The color I'm loving now...

Photos from here, here, and here

I haven't quite decided on the exact shade I want. But then repainting also means changing our curtains, buying new sheets, and reupholstering our khaki lounger (or changing it completely). I also want a headboard to replace our painted one. Maybe I can make one.

Hmm must look for a way to fund this unforeseen and completely unnecessary expense.


  1. oh gosh... i thought you were going to talk about the book *gag*

  2. Haha so love the allusion to the current Twilight in the making book {which I can't bear to finish LOL}.

    I love your pegs! =)

  3. The first peg is my favorite! :) Simple, clean and cozy :)


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