Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sporty Sunday

This day is an absolute dream for sports lovers: Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals, Pacquiao vs. Bradley, and Rafa vs. Nole at the French Open finals. Unfortunately, it turned into a bit of a nightmare after that, er, questionable split decision after the fight. Some reactions from my Twitter feed:

Pacquiao was gracious in defeat, Bradley was gracious in his (unexpected) win. The crowd (and the Twitterverse), not so much! My own reactions swung from complete and utter disbelief to psychosomatic symptoms from the stress. Yes, I can get that emotionally invested in sports. I think it's hereditary. Years ago, my boxing-loving grandfather had to be confined after he got over-excited while watching a fight. I think he would have loved Pacquiao, but I'm kind of glad he wasn't around to see what happened today. It would have required a trip to the hospital, for sure!

I guess there's nothing left to say today except one big ¡VAMOS RAFA!


  1. i heard that some people were saying that it was rigged. i didn't watch it. oh well.


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