Monday, June 4, 2012


Haven't posted in agesss, I know. Been preoccupied lately, got so much on my mind. (Will most likely blog next week about a little project we're working on.) And it's playoff season! So my mornings are pretty much spent watching  games. Was heartbroken when my boy DRose was out of the running early on due to an injury. While I've been rooting for  my other boy, KD since then, I can live with the Spurs winning it all. Yeah, I never thought I'd see the day. But the older I get, the more I can appreciate the Spurs. Haha. And I have such ill feelings for both teams playing in the East that San Antonio is the lesser evil. (My respect for Rondo has grown though.)

So anyway, one of the highlights during my blogging hiatus was the first National Championships. That was one of the most incredible finals I've ever seen (comparable to Spirits 2008, when Team Pilipinas won). It was a layout fiesta! You can watch the exciting game in its entirety here (video by Ian Villar). It's between Manila team Sunken Pleasure (our captain, Felix, played for them) and Dumaguete Extreme. For now, take a look at this sick, sick block by my friend Dada. Watch til the end!

Video by Ian Villar


  1. Being a Wizards fan, I've forgotten what it's like to watch the playoffs.

  2. I have a friend who's a die-hard Wizards fan. Haha. I thought J Wall would kind of turn things around for you guys...

  3. I wasn't able to watch the finals! Grabe kasi..qualifiers a week before back to back to back to back games...a week after that nationals! No lunch pa in between games kasi naman the alabang food! :o Glad to know there's a video...but I'm sure it'll never compare to being there...

  4. OMG! Me too! I've been soooo preoccupied that I can't blog, but I just did, so yey!


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