Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our House

Before I promote my magazine, allow me to promote my former magazine.

Real Living is celebrating its ninth anniversary this July, and it's full of RL-inspired spaces...including our house! Grab a copy to see where I live. Haha. There aren't a lot of detail shots, and my dresser could have been less messy (sigh). But it was finally presentable enough to be photographed!

I would have wanted my heirloom mirror to be photographed, and the bed in the guest room, and the baskets where I keep all our toiletries (and all the free beauty products I get), and my shoes, and our bookshelf, and a detail of the junk on my dresser (including a vase of ostrich and peacock feathers that I plucked out of my bridal bouquet, and a tiara that's been passed around my barkada--the bride-to-be wears it during bridal showers), but I had to remember that I was the interview subject this time around, and not a member of the crew. Har. Maybe all these details can be shot next time, after I've completely redone the house!

P.S. I also wrote one of the features in this issue.:)


  1. Nice... I'll definitely get a copy... It's nice to see REAL home inspirations to, uhm, inspire the rest of us to tidy up and prettify our homes... :)

  2. I really love to see where you live :)


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