Sunday, July 18, 2010

Baby, Baby, Baby Oh

I volunteered to take care of decorations for a friend's baby shower today. I loved this post so much that I chose a color palette of blue, orange, and brown--equal parts sweet and sophisticated, and subtly boyish.

I wasn't quite as thorough as my peg (for one thing, we don't have stores that sell really nice scrapbook paper for a dollar!), but doing this really inspired me to develop my baby shower styling skills! A few photos...

I made banderitas bearing the name of the baby boy, who'll be making his grand entrance any day now.

Mommy Rhea joked that she would be using the same banner at Aaron Matthew's baptism.

I used cartolina and some striped wrapping paper from The Wrap Shop. My friend Sheila added the bibs.

I originally wanted to hang blue and orange paper flowers from the ceiling but 1) the Japanese paper that looked orange in National Bookstore's light turned out to be yellow in daylight, and 2) it wasn't feasible to hang them. Our host Tita Grace called their househelp to take a look at my handiwork, and Yaya suggested that we use the flowers as centerpieces, with some real blooms (from Market! Market!) right at the center. Ingenious!

Aren't they purty? One of the shower organizers, Sandy, asked if she could take one home, the way Pinoys take home centerpieces at weddings. Haha

If you want to learn how to make these paper flowers, click here.

Sheila brought some baby clothes and shoes that she intended to hang, but she decided to just scatter them throughout the dining room. These were mixed with some balloons that Tita Grace had on hand.

I'm starting to dream up baby shower themes and am raring to decorate another friend's upcoming party! Too bad it's still about four months away!


  1. thanks for linking the great blogs...... you made me feel like i should get into artsy fartsy mood.

  2. Inspiring, no? My only problem is where to store the leftover materials from all my arts and crafts projects!

  3. great job girl!!;)


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