Sunday, July 4, 2010


My apologies for not updating. Was supposed to blog about all the fabulous outfits at Mads's wedding (the last post of the series) and all our recent date nights (fooood galore), but my husband is (gently) hurrying me along for tonight's DVD marathon. Haven't been home much--Hamil and I have been spending evenings (and sometimes early mornings) in whatever bar is showing the World Cup matches. (My heart bleeds for Argentina.) Relatives were/still are in town from abroad. And well, there's been work.

Speaking of--today (yes, a Sunday) we shot our cover girl for September (secret!). I introduced myself, and it floored me when she said, "Yes, we've met before!" I couldn't believe she remembered. We had a five-minute encounter months ago, and she remembered. That was pretty cool.

And the compliment of the week comes from my former boss. She asked if I set my hair every day, and I replied that that's what my hair looks like when I don't bother to blow dry it. She first muttered, "I heychu!" but followed it up with, "Ikaw na ang bago kong hair idol! Patay na kasi si Farah Fawcett." ("You are my new hair idol since Farah Fawcett is gone.") Awesome, considering Farah was my personal hair idol!

OK, the husband just gave me a look. Will blog again soon.

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