Saturday, July 24, 2010

Work Outfit

I work in media, so the dress code isn't very strict. In fact, it's pretty much anything goes, so people even come to work in flipflops. (The Preview girls wouldn't be caught dead in flipflops though! The girls are always dressed to the nines. It's a daily fashion show!) So coming to work in jeans is no big deal.

Top from Italy; blazer from Maldita; pants from Pam Q; shoes by Parisian; necklace from Platinum Mall (Bangkok, Thailand); watch by Swatch; lipstick by Nars, retouched with Avon lipstick in Ruby Red

Today, I dug up a striped halter that I had never worn before. It was given to me years ago by a friend, and it's really cute, but I tend to veer away from form-fitting things. My main problem with this top was that if I pulled it down, the neckline showed a little too much chest; but if I pulled the straps up to cover my chest, the bottom would end at an awkward part of my torso.

I don't know why it took me so long to figure out that all I needed to do was layer. This morning, I really wished I had an oversized blazer (I'm so tiny that I look ridiculous in my husband's jackets)--I would've worn it over the halter together with skinny jeans. But since I didn't have a big blazer, I decided to wear a tiny one (leftover from my corporate days), and put the top and coverup together with some loose, flared pants. These pants have such a hippie vibe--I can't wear 'em with a retro top because I would look like I was four decades late to Woodstock. Almost every time I wear them, someone asks me if they're custom made. They're actually from my stylist friend Pam Q. They didn't fit her well, so she passed them over to me. I had 'em altered a bit.

I wanted a pop of red, and dug up a long red necklace I got from Bangkok. It was a tad too long so I removed a section of it. I also had really red lips earlier in the day--something I hardly do, but for some weird reason, I felt like I could pull it off today. I decided to put my hair up in a high, sleek ponytail. With the red lips and sort of plunging neckline, loose wavy hair would've looked too vavavoom-y. I had to take public transportation today so it was a look I was keen to avoid.

Lastly, I needed chunky shoes that wouldn't be overwhelmed by the wide-legged pants. They're not so seen in this photo, but I wore black shoes with thick wooden heels (shown in this post).

This photo was taken at one corner of my work area. I didn't want to ask anyone to take my picture, so I set it on timer--hence the weird angle, and hence the massive leg up front. To my left is a vase with leaves, and a framed photo of me and my husband on our wedding day (items from my previous desk). Beneath the table are plastic tubs filled with magazines. Behind me is a magnetic board with old event invitations (I've since replaced them with an updated batch). I'm still in the process of spiffing up my area, but will be sure to post pics once I'm done.

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