Friday, July 30, 2010

My Baby Is Out!

I've been waiting months, and the day has finally come. My first official issue as acting editor in chief of Good Housekeeping Philippines is out now!

It's our money special, so we've got quite a few features on cutting costs. I especially love the "Live on Less" story, where we feature five families and how and why they cut back on spending. I originally thought this would be a super light-hearted tip-filled article. But when I read the draft, I was just so moved. The families' stories are so varied, some are so heart-warming, that I felt I got a better article than I had hoped for!

There's also a feature on making Facebook safe for your kids (and you!). Facebook privacy is such a hot topic now--did you hear about the dude who collated a third of Facebook's user info? Scary, right? Our story, by the Third World Nerd, can help you keep some semblance of privacy intact in the Age of FB.

We've also got tips to exteeend your beauty treatments (so you'll end up spending less), and a budget-friendly fashion tactic that even showbiz people use. There are lots of other stories in there, and all for just P100! I'm not kidding. In the words of our creative director, Carlo Vergara, "Mas mura pa sa sine!" ("It's cheaper than a movie!")

So you can stop reading now, and head out to your nearest bookstore, newsstand, or supermarket, and grab a copy!:)


  1. Congrats! It looks great! Good coverlines too. So proud of you:) Yay!

  2. Ooh! Congrats, Tisha!!! Agree, the coverlines are nakaka-entice!

  3. Hey Lily, thanks! And, uh, you'll have to buy one. Help me keep my job! Hahaha

    Mariel! Thank you! The cover lines were a team effort--something I learned from our Hearst training!:)

  4. Hi Tisha! I made my boyfriend promise me that we'll get a subscription to GH as soon as we're married. :D But I think I'm going to grab a copy of this issue, God knows I need money-saving tips right now!

  5. Oh Dea, thank you! And it'll be less than P100 per issue if/when you subscribe! Hehe


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