Thursday, September 30, 2010

Third Time's the Charm

...and so were the first and second!

Congrats to my beloved Ateneo Blue Eagles! Three-peat, baby!!!

For Buenafans and Buenafriends! Photo by ze vonderful Aaron Vicencio.

I feel kind of bad that I didn't get to watch the finals game live, but I probably would have had a heart attack if I had. That was one exciting game! I felt sick as the team struggled in the first quarter. I exalted when Buenafe made that killer three in the fourth. (I am a Buenafan! Haha.) My arms shot up in the air as the final buzzer sounded. My team--the champion once again!

For the uninitiated, I am a pretty big basketball fan, and among all the leagues that I follow, I am most invested in the UAAP (the local collegiate league). I joined the cheering squad back in college because a) I loved dancing, b) I figured if I was going to cheer, I had to do it before I hit my late 20s, and c) I wanted to score free tickets to every game of the season! It was tough trying (mostly pretending) to face the crowd and getting them hyped up, my back turned to the court. But I'd sneak in peeks, or stand on the stairs sideways so that I could still see the action!

Today, I missed yelling "Get that ball!" and "One big fight!" and cheering all the chants I know by heart. I missed the deafening eruption of cheers as Ateneo officially became champions, beating the no.1-seeded team. I missed being on my feet, on edge for 40 minutes. But I definitely won't miss the bonfire! Wheee!

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