Tuesday, June 8, 2010

From Paris, with Love

My latest Parisian* purchase...

Sigh. Aren't they fabulous? They're made of this suede-y kind of leather, and they're in the current queen of neutrals: greige. (A mix of gray and beige--great as a wall color!) They were P1,299.75 (about $29), pricey for this particular brand. But similar styles in other brands would probably go for around P3,000 (about $67...a lot of money on these shores).

Including my strappy baby pink sandals (not pictured below because they look pretty ratty from being overused), my Parisian shoe total is now seven pairs.

I've gotten sooo many comments on practically all these shoes, and people normally can't believe it when I say they're Parisian. A few things about the pictured pairs (clockwise from top left):

1. My latest pair. I wore these on my first ever TV appearance as acting editor in chief! (More on that in a future post.)
2. These continue to get oohs and ahhs whenever I wear 'em! They're probably the most commented-on pair that I own.
3. A co-worker thought this rock n' roll pair was from Aldo! I love the thick wooden heel.

4. I decided I needed a colorful pair in my shoe wardrobe, and thus got these orange flats with cabbage rose accents (or, as described by PAG, "goldenrod with rosettes"). I wanted something comfortable and stylish that I could wear all day. I wore these during my NY food tour and got a couple of nice comments. (Most people were wearing sneakers, which I can't bring myself to do unless a) they're Chucks or b) I'm attending a dance class. I believe tourists can be fashionable too!)

5. The first pair of flats I ever liked. I used to veer away from flats because I figured they made me look squat, since I'm pretty short. But these faux snakeskin shoes were just too cute to pass up. Too cute in fact that I even settled for a pair that was a half size smaller (the only remaining pair that was remotely close to my size)! And no, it doesn't feel like I'm subjecting myself to that age-old practice of foot-binding.

6. I tuck skinny jeans or leggings into these gladiator-type flats. I also sometimes wear 'em with dresses to give the feminine numbers an edge.

The great thing about these shoes is that I could wear 'em all day--whether they're flats or heels. I really wish I could keep adding to my collection, but I'm running out of space in my dressing room--my husband has had to move his shoes into the guest room! Plus, I've decided to put a halt on all my spending. We've got some plans brewing and they need moolah to fund them, so time to start seriously saving up!

*Parisian shoes are available at SM Department Stores.


  1. okay na! sold na ako!!!
    i will go to sm this week!!!

  2. Ah........*sigh* love shoes!!! :)

  3. I was actually looking at some Parisian pairs last Saturday. Super nice their collection for Phil. Fashion week. :)

  4. when i was in grade school, mom used to buy me Parisian shoes kasi they have big sizes, I'm size 40 now. haha! I love the floral print, I hope I could still find it when I visit SM. And more importantly, I hope they have my size. Haha!


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