Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Giveaway Alert! Who Wants to Win Free Stuff?:)

Hullo, dear readers!

There are three things I want to celebrate: 1) passing the 50-follower mark on Here, Tishie Tishie, 2) Christmas, and 3) my birthday! Stay tuned for my first-ever giveaway*! It's stuff I want to keep for myself, but I already have enough beauty/skincare products to last me at least a year. Since it's the season of giving, I thought of sharing 'em with you!

Check back on Christmas day for details. In the meantime, who wants to win free stuff?:) (It'd be nice if you left a comment...otherwise, I'll assume no one's really interested, and I'll just keep all the stuff after all! Tee-hee.)

*Open to Philippine residents only


  1. hi tish,

    would really love to join and win some fancy stuff.


  2. Ooooh...BIG TIME!!! GIVING AWAY FREE STUFF ALREADY! YEY! :) Of course, I want one of those. And because I believe in the power of "the secret"..I'm sure I'll get one. *wink, wink* (hihihi...evilish sneaky laugh)

    ...and oh...it's also nice to know you'd be giving away stuff that you want for yourself. there's nothing like good old sacrifice to make any gift extra special! :)

  3. I want free stuff, haha! Congratz on hitting 50+ followers! :)


  4. Oh yipee people actually wanna join! Haha.

    Mightyselene, I don't know if the stuff is particularly fancy, but it'd be fun to win all the loot I think.:)

    Roms, keep channeling the secret coz winner will be picked randomly! Haha.

    Meedge, Bec, and Maudey, good luck!:) Wheee!

  5. Yay more giveaway joiners!

    Ian...hmmm, interesting question. I guess it's open to all Philippine residents, male or female. But I gotta warn ya, all the stuff is girly. Haha

  6. I want! I want! Hear me out Tish! =)

  7. Check back at midnight for giveaway details!:)


Oh, so sweet of you to drop a line!:)