Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Need Your Help!

Help me and Hamil eat our way through Europe!
  • Go to www.myeuropeandream.com.
  • Look for "An Appetite for Europe" by Tisha.
  • Click on my dream cloud.
  • Click "Like"! (When my "dream page" opens, it'll be on the upper right portion.)
Please please please! And thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Create your own dream, and I'll like yours, too!:)


  1. For some reason the Like button doesn't show here in the office. Must be some IT thing. But I'll Like your Euro dream as soon as I can! Good luck! :P

  2. Cheering for you, Tisha!! I also am hoping for a European honeymoon one day! (And yes, to eat in Italy, ano pa nga ba? Hehe.)

  3. hi tish

    would you know what page is it? i've been trying to find it- wala po. i will definitely like it for you.


  4. I clicked it! I clicked it! If I have time, I'll create my own dream as well :)

  5. Thank you, friends!:) Che, it's a live link in my entry-- www.myeuropeandream.com.:)


Oh, so sweet of you to drop a line!:)