Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kiss #4: Singapore Swing

We toasted our first time together in Singapore with--what else?--a couple of Singapore Slings! (Mine was virgin, of course!)

I had been there a couple of times before, once on an audition for a travel show hosting gig on the erstwhile Discovery Travel and Living channel (now TLC), and once en route to my first Indian wedding held in Bintan, Indonesia. Hamil had gone previously on business. Wish I could tell you that, together, we did all these exciting things in the 24 hours we were there. But we were just so exhausted from the lack of sleep (three words: six a.m. flight), and were happy enough to spend a good part of the trip watching a How I Met Your Mother marathon and snoozing at my sister-in-law's apartment! Ah, well. We had enough adventures in the following days to make up for it. Stay tuned!


Oh, so sweet of you to drop a line!:)