Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Week of Merrymaking

D celebrated his birthday. I went, thinking it was going to be this low-key gathering. Turns out, it was hosted by Swatch, one of the brands he endorses. Good thing I changed out of my disc clothes!

My sequined top (currently a fave) from Express, jacket from SM

Risotto? Check. Steak? Check. Lechon? Check. (Czar and I kicked ourselves for having dinner beforehand. But that didn't stop us from eating again...) Giant tarpaulin with D's face on it? Check. Life-size standees of D with half-open shirt? Check. Priceless photo of Czar beside the standee, also with his shirt half open? Check! But since I value our friendship, I'm not posting it here...

Oops, we did it again. Over-ate, that is. This is becoming a yearly Real Living tradition! We had our Christmas dinner at style editor Gwyn's place which, incidentally, is featured in this month's Real Living. I wrote the article, my first editorial raket in a looong time--oh, writing, how I missed you so!

The two Patricias, the two Kaths, and the two Arlenes!

And still Wednesday
Jo's big 3-Oh! She marked it with a one-woman art exhibit at Bardeli's. One of her paintings is sitting in my living room now.:)

Can't remember where I got my top from, necklace from a friend, high-waisted pants from Topshop

Summit Christmas party: back with a vengeance! After a two-year hiatus, the Divas were back!

Britney and Madonna

The party-goers were wowed by our Glee performance (I use "our" loosely here--I was a mere choreographer)...

Guess who won best costume? Lady Gaga in her bubble outfit made of condoms, of course!

...and the attendance of one John Lloyd Cruz. (Mayhem, I tell ya!)

Warriors Christmas party: Games. "Gambling." More food. Exchange-and-steal gift, three years running. (I won a prize for "most stolen gift." I had no time to think of a unisex present, so I thought of an easy, one-size-fits-all option--cash!)

Cheers! A toast using UW shot glasses c/o JB and Che

I hosted this year's barkada get-together. In recent years, with some of us having kids and all, we've been having our Christmas QT during the day--no more late dinners for us.

Crammed into our teeny dining area/kitchen

I gotta say--there's nothing like expecting company to get you to finally fix up the house and do the things you've been putting off. (Our vacuum cleaner got quite a workout!)

I don't know what it's like in the rest of the world, but this is what Christmas is like in the Philippines--exhausting! Parties and reunions with everyone from former co-workers to grade school classmates, with overeating as a common theme. Exhausting, but a whole lotta fun!


  1. found yourself a pair of high-waisted pants :) yipee! :)

  2. Yeah, before I left for NYC. Quite pricey though.:s


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