Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Are y'all familiar with Zsazsa Zaturnnah, the graphic novel (and musical, and movie...) about a fabulous gay hairdresser who turns into a female superhero after swallowing a magical stone? Well, Zsazsa's creator, Carlo Vergara, gave me this for my birthday...

How cool is that? That's me as a superhero named Tornado Tish! (Although my disc nickname, Tish the Dish, would work too!) My superpower: I have a deadly disc that springs forth from my bosom when needed. Hmm, one could argue though that that isn't really a superpower but more of a weapon. So let's pretend I have lightning speed as well! (I do have the ability to spew out an article in half an hour, so...)

I turned 31 yesterday, and I spent the day eating! First at Swagat for some Indian food (with my real, non-Indian family) then at Nomnomnom with my dearest friends. More in a future post!

Thirty was a great age--I got promoted to acting editor in chief, went to New York (one of my most favorite places in the world) twice, experienced my first-ever win in a national tournament, finally went on a long-overdue honeymoon, tried bungee jumping, celebrated ten years with the most wonderful man, and won a good number of raffles. Haha. Not bad at all. But 31, ahh--this one's got even better things in store for me.:)

Some girls might find it shocking that I readily admit how old I am. To be honest, I don't get why people try to convince me to lie about my age, and remain forever 21/26/28. Older women tell me that I'll understand someday. Who knows how I'll feel some years down the line? But for now, I have no qualms about telling people I'm 31. I earned every year, every visible line on my face, every vein on my leg from living, laughing, dancing my way through life. And that's not something I want to hide! I am 31, hear me roar!


  1. Belated happy birthday Tisha!

  2. happy happy birthday again tisha! i want to be a super hero too! my power will be... gosh, i can't think of a power!

  3. Jae! Hahahaha. Kelan na tayo magkikita?!

    Jaidy, thanks!:)

    Crickette, thanks! And your super power will be...blinding people with dazzling teeth?

  4. happy birthday tisha! greater things to come on your 31st year! :)

  5. Happy Birthday Tish! You are one of my inspirations :) Keep living, laughing and dancing :)


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