Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Hubby!

It was a bit of a quiet birthday for Hamil, and a relatively healthy one too. While last year, we feasted on steak at 22 Prime, this year he wanted something lighter. The night before his birthday, we decided to eat at Kai, a Japanese restaurant in Greenbelt 5. (Years ago, the resto was at Greenbelt 2, and there, Hamil had his fill of sake.) The meal was predominantly made up of raw fish; while there was some wagyu thrown in, it was mixed with tofu and asparagus.

The day of, we stayed home and I cooked. Nothing spectacular. He just asked for my fake Conti's salmon, and I also whipped up cream of spinach soup (there was some leftover spinach) and a roasted vegetable salad with portobello mushrooms. Then, because he didn't want his usual favorite ube cake (which would languish in the ref, given that there's just two of us), I surprised him with a birthday mamon. Ube, of course.

We had long conversations over the weekend, and at some point, talk turned to religion. We are both practicing Catholics in that we go to mass every Sunday and say our prayers. But we both have a lot of questions, and constantly talk about our faith and other faiths. This particular talk touched on reincarnation, life's purpose, and the possibility of a passive god.

This last concept was a bit hard for me to grasp. If ours is a passive god, then what is the purpose of prayer? There would be no one to thank, no one to guide us and give us strength. And what I find most hard to believe: A passive god would mean that I merely stumbled upon the most wonderful man by sheer dumb luck or by virtue of my effervescent charm (both of which I do not possess in abundance). No, a passive god, He is not. For me to find the best man, for me to be indescribably happy, there must be a Stronger Force at work. And as Hamil blew out his little candle, I thanked that god for the day my husband was born.


  1. Such a sweet post! Happy Birthday to the Hubby!

  2. This is a nice post Tisha! :-) I like the last part where you said "No, a passive god, He is not. For me to find the best man, for me to be indescribably happy, there must be a Stronger Force at work." :-) I am a firm believer that God has a beautiful plan for each and every one of us, and that includes our love lives! :-) Hope you continue to "keep the faith", as cliche as it may sound! :-) Be blessed always!
    - Tina of :-)

    P.S. I would LOVE to contribute to GH, just like I contribue to Smart Parenting! :-) Is this possible at all? :-) Please do e-mail me if there is the slightest chance: :-) Thanks in advance!

  3. Thanks, Teacher Mama Tina! Will email you in a bit.:)


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