Sunday, January 23, 2011

Live Show

Guested on morning show Unang Hirit last Friday, which meant a 6:00 AM call time. Not easy, considering sleeping is one of my most favorite things to do. (I kind of believe that the only thing standing between me and world domination is my desire to sleep! Har.)

For this guesting, I was asked to talk about stress relief at the office. And since I'm the girl who sometimes stays until 4:00 AM at the office, it was just a teensy bit ironic!

A few days before the appearance, I was asked to send a list of items that could help people relax when work is driving them nuts. When I arrived at GMA7, I was given a script which included questions I didn't prepare for beforehand (e.g., causes of stress at the office). I answered the questions and went over the script as I sat in the makeup chair. Thankfully, I had some help from the Unang Hirit researchers, plus some stock knowledge on stress. When you get psychosomatic symptoms like an upset stomach, falling hair, and a twitching eyelid, you're bound to know a thing or two about stress!

For this appearance, I was interviewed by Miss Lynn Ching. A friend, who caught the show on a bus on his commute to work, noticed how Lynn towered over me. And I was in five-inch heels! (Well, she was in heels too. But yeah, I'm kind of pocket-size.)

It isn't so hard to sound all peppy in the morning when you're interviewed by an energetic host.

The Unang Hirit people built a set of an office outside the studio, complete with blinds and a fake aircon! Pretty cool. I couldn't believe they went through all that trouble for a seven-minute segment.

In between Q and As with Lynn, there were spiels showing stressful situations at the office.

The actors, Betong and May, totally cracked me (and the crew) up! Betong played the boss, who said things like, "Eto, bilangin mo nga itong ream ng bond paper kung 500 talaga ang laman niyan!" ("Here, count this ream of bond paper to check if there are really 500 pieces!") I watched them rehearse a few minutes before we went on air, and they were just masters at ad libbing!

Hurriedly taken photo. Wasn't able to adjust camera settings.

The most fun TV guesting I've had to date, even if I did have to wake up at an ungodly hour!

First three photos courtesy of Tracy, my current TV pimp.


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