Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Crazy Busy

Things have been a little hectic lately, to say the least. A rundown of what's been keeping me out of the blogging world this past week:

1. Vitor. I bought a fern for a shoot and decided to keep it. I named it Vitor and have gotten quite attached. My co-workers actually say hello to him when they see him (yes, I say "him" now).

As I was shopping for a fern, I saw a group of imported ferns that were all lush and rich green and glorious. And then I saw Vitor. He was kind of anemic, with pale green (some brown) leaves, the only local fern hanging forlornly in another part of the plant place. I felt so bad for him and figured he was the perfect size for the shoot, so I bought him. Hamil and I don't have kids just yet (wow, that would totally rock our world, in a good way!), and we really can't have a dog (we're hardly home), so for now we have a pet fern!

The name? For a time, I wanted to name our son Vito. I must have been in my Puzo phase. Hamil, however, preferred Vitor, after this guy. And since there is no way I am naming our kid Vitor, I gave the name to our plant. I'm tempted to get another fern and call him Georges. I just don't know if it'd be wise to get another plant though. I barely have enough time to water Vitor! (Poor kid.)

P.S. It's awesome having a husband who puts up with my silliness!

2. That new job. Gracious. It's a big adventure and I'm so happy to be on board and all, but man, it's totally disrupting my sleep pattern! I used to be able to leave the office and turn it off--you know, stop thinking about work stuff. But now, it's on my mind 24/7! After coming down with a cold and a cough (from stress) and getting barely any zzzs (from thinking and planning), Hamil told me, "You have to figure out how to compartmentalize." Sigh. I'm normally rather good at it. But right now, while I'm just plunging into this thing, it's totally occupying my thoughts.

3. My best friend's wedding. I have three best friends, one each from grade school, high school, and college. My college best friend (whom I've known since grade school) is Madhuri. And she's getting married next month!

It's an Indian wedding, which means it's not just one ceremony. For one of the events, there's a big production number. I'm in charge of choreographing one of the dances, so I've been busy coming up with steps and teaching them to a fairly large group during my rare spare time. I've also been helping out with the whole bachelorette party planning. Unfortunately, I'll be missing the party because of...

4. That trip to NY. I'm finally leaving this weekend! And I am constantly checking the temperature to figure out what to pack. How I wish I were traveling in late spring so that I wouldn't have to worry about coats and all. But at least I'm not traveling in winter!

5. Summer league. It officially started last weekend. We won one game (I scored back-to-back points, yay! But my handling sucked. Damn you, wind!), lost one game. And I foresee my freckles making a comeback. That sun is relentless!

I'm kind of out of breath just typing everything! But I'm not complaining. I'd rather be busy than bored!


  1. Na-miss ko tuloy yung little cactus ko nung college. It was from my friends' debut and I had it my entire college life. Then it disappeared when I took it home to CDO after graduation. Methinks the doggies killed it.

  2. a pet plant sounds like a good idea :)
    thanks for sharing tisha! im gonna get one too :) and im gonna name "him" coco. yay!


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