Thursday, April 1, 2010

What's Blue, Red, Pink, and Silver All Over?

Tito Butch and Tita Meng's 25th wedding anniversary!

Me with the other secondary sponsors. The bride in--what else?--silver!

My dad's brother and his wife celebrated a quarter of a century together with a renewal of vows. I was the veil sponsor (a particularly inept one at that--pinning that thing is tricky when the gown is heavily beaded!), and I was asked to wear a royal blue gown.

With my dashing husband

...while my sister-in-law Rita and my niece Marga (a flower girl) were asked to wear turquoise. As luck would have it, they had matching turquoise gowns! (Other flower girls were asked to wear pink.)

My brother's family walked down the aisle together since Marga wouldn't walk alone. Rita was a bridesmaid, Iggy was a groomsman, and my nephew Diego...well, he was there to support his little sister and hold her hand as she marched down the aisle. Awww.

My SIL and I were given hats and gloves to wear. The feathered gloves didn't quite go with my outfit, but I totally loved the hat.

After the church ceremony, we headed over to White Space for the reception, catered by my fabulous caterer, Kaye Cunanan.

Happy anniversary, Tito Butch and Tita Meng!

Twenty-five years of dancing together

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