Friday, April 23, 2010

Pack (that) Shiat

Today was unbelievably crazy. I had my hands full trying to get all the work done before going home and packing the remaining stuff for my trip. My flight was scheduled for 12:35 pm of Saturday. Then, after coming from a two-hour training session, I receive an email at 4:00 pm telling me that my flight was moved to--wait for it--midnight! Of Friday-Saturday! Holy hassle of hassles, Batman!

I was incredibly upset. OK, so "upset" doesn't accurately describe it. I threw a massive bitch fit. You can't frickin' confirm that my flight is one time, then tell me that, oops, I have to leave 12 hours earlier! It's all the travel agency's fault! And they weren't even apologetic! Dude, if this had happened elsewhere, where service was actually important, I would've gotten a free trip out of it! Instead, all my epic tantrum got me was a 6:00 am flight. Still not the noon flight I was hoping for, but waaay better than midnight!

So that took a lot out of me. But I've since grown accustomed to the fact that I'm leaving six hours earlier than planned. And because that means less time with my husband, I gotta log off now! Check back with y'all from New York!

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