Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tishie's Travels: Hullo from NYC!

I'm in one of my absolute favorite places in the world! Aside from being full of energy and loads of stuff to do and cool, cool air that's absolutely absent from Manila these days, New York is also home to lots of people I love. That's probably the main reason I lurve visiting and why it holds a special place in my heart!

So much going on so will blog in more detail next time. I haven't been going out much because of that chilly wind (no complaints! Better this than scorching heat, but it sure feels a lot like late fall instead of spring!) and, well, things aren't quite as fun without my husband here. But it's not like staying in is a big sacrifice. Check out my digs!

That last pic is a little dark...was so excited that I neglected to adjust the camera settings!

Is that awesome or what? It's located in the midtown-west side. I'm staying here with Carly (he's got the sofa bed), and we simulated an America's Next Top Model walking-into-the-model-house-for-the-first-time moment: "OMG! OMG!" *squeal jump jump*

It's a very spacious one-bedroom apartment. My friends from here say that even New Yorkers don't live like this! I've got a view of our kick-ass office building (a couple of blocks away) and even of Central Park. And sometimes, the unit is surrounded by low-lying clouds! (Or fog? A lady at the office said they were clouds so I'll take her word for it!) There's a nice bathroom, a kitchen with a two-door ref, two TVs, a balcony, free Internet connection, and enough space to do cartwheels.

Those cartwheels will have to wait though. Off to bed. Although I'm not quite sure how soon I'll be able to fall asleep, what with the jetlag and the rush from just seeing Wicked! Woohoo!


  1. Nice Blog Tisha. Do visit my brother's store (De Vera) at Soho if you have time. say Hi to Carlos and Udes, Have fun :)

    here's the website of his store:


  2. the bed looks soooo soft....enjoy the weather!!!

  3. Hey Miguel, parquet! Haha. That shag rug was uber soft!

    Ate! Thanks for visiting the blog! Will try to swing by the store tomorrow. I'll be in Greenwich Village and I intend to go around the downtown area so there's a big chance I'll find myself in SoHo!

    Hey Cherry, the bed was alright. I was still jetlagged so I wasn't sleeping all that well at night. But my naps were divine.:)

  4. Hey Tish, for how long will you be there? Maybe you can catch my niece play:

    Enjoy! I have yet to visit New York!

  5. Hey Ric, I'm back!:) Trip was super short, considering the travel time, the amount of time it takes me to get over jetlag, and the number of things to do and see in NYC. But too long since I was away from Hamil! How cheesy is that? Haha


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