Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Doctor Is Out

This three-day weekend, I reeeally wanted to head on over to Cebu for Ultimo Abril, or to Bagasbas for the Summer Surf Festival. But given all the stuff I had to gather (plus my expenses!) for the upcoming New York trip and the packed week ahead of me, it just didn't make sense. I needed as much time and money as I could get to prepare for the trip, and to rest up before a grueling week ahead. (Neither of those local trips promised much sleep!) Instead, I spent the weekend cooking and baking, shopping for trip-related stuff, choreographing and teaching a dance, going to disc training, and participating in an ambush birthday party/despedida for our teammate, Doc Jerome.

That's the birthday boy, second from left.

Doc, the olde--er, wisest member of the Ultimate Warriors, is leaving the country in a few days. We expected to see him at training, and when he didn't show up, we figured that we didn't want to miss our chance to wish him a happy birthday and a safe trip. So we bought chicken and liempo from Andok's then headed over to his house! Thankfully, he was home! Haha.

After chowing down (we were all famished after training!), we settled into Doc's living room for a screening of...

...the original Clash of the Titans! The film was released in 1981, so you could imagine the effects were rather crude, at least compared to the 2010 version's. (I dare say the older one was better though.) But we joked that the effects of Titans 1981 are similar to those of Pinoy movies of today! "Okay Ka, Fairy Ko," as teammate/scoring machine Kring described it!

Afterwards, we played a bit of poker--I didn't win but I did clean out Enteng! Ha! No senti speeches for Doc...I think he was trying to avoid anything emotional so the whole evening was just light and fun, like a typical Warriors get-together. But really, Doc is worth getting emotional over. So I'm doin' it here!

The team, sadly, is losing one of its most rambunctious players. Doc brings a whole lot of fun wherever he goes because of his quick wit and loud hirits. The best thing about him? He doesn't BS anyone. And he can certainly back up his mouth--whatever he says behind someone's back, he can just as easily say to his or her face. That kind of honesty sometimes makes me anxious, but in some weird way, it's pretty refreshing. Between people like him and people who whisper rumors behind your back while being pretend-nice to your face, I would definitely take Doc! Er, just make sure you don't tell him who you have the hots for. He might just march right up to the object of your affections and tell that person, as another teammate discovered about a year and a half ago!

Doc, you will be missed--your medical advice (both solicited and unsolicited! Haha), your in-depth analysis of anything from disc to Everything Else, your boisterous laughter, your funny antics, your honesty. The Warriors will always, always have a place for you. And Mundz will always be ready to huck that disc to the endzone for ya. ALL THE WAY!


  1. awww. it's always a sad thing when a good friend leaves but as the saying goes, life goes on. when my good friend from College left for Dubai, we also threw her a sort of despedida party, all 6 of us in the barkada went and spent a night at a hotel, bonding moment before she left. and as much as it's sad to say goodbye to a friend, one also has to be happy for them because it's a whole new adventure for them and when the friendship is strong, no matter the miles, you'll stay friends.

  2. I will miss you Doc! Till we meet again... Will practice more to improve my throws for you next time..

  3. As Taylor Dane said (er, sang), "Saying goodbye is never an easy thing"! Lizzie, that's a nice despedida.:) I'm not very good at goodbyes, so in hindsight, it was nice to keep Doc's little par-tey light and non-senti!

  4. Aww too bad we missed the ambush partay! We'll miss you, Doc! Tahimik pag wala ka. Haha. :P


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