Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Manila Ink

I used to watch Miami Ink religiously on Discovery Travel and Living, and I even thought about what tat I would ask Chris Garver to put on me. (Ami and Nunez are kinda cute, sure, but I really liked Garver's body--bodies?--of work.) It's been a while since I stopped watching the show, but I kinda got to see a live version of it...

The new tat's on his inner arm (ouch!). Shiny stuff is petroleum jelly.

Yup, Hamil got another tat, this time by THE Joe Saliendra. And he had it done at a local Miami Ink-esque shop, the newly opened Republic Tattoo Lounge.

Joe with my husband, who's very happy with his new tat!

The brand-spankin' new tattoo shop was opened by a friend of ours and his buddies, and they've got four awesome tattoo artists in their roster: Joe, Butch Bautista, Ding Fernandez, and Butch Rosca. It's the biggest shop in the country, and I hear all the equipment's exactly like the stuff they've got in Miami! Some pics of the place, from their website:

Rarin' to get inked by some of the best artists in the country? Head on over to Republic Tattoo, 2/F Promenade Building, #198 Wilson corner P.Guevrra St., San Juan City, Philippines. You can even have a drink to dull the pain while they dutdut away!


  1. Awesome tattoo! My dad, brothers, and some of my friends who are Miami (and LA) Ink fans would be interested about this tattoo parlor, I'll let them know.

  2. Hey Dea! Yeah, do spread the word!:)

  3. bon has tattoos also. lots, as a matter of fact. i have one also (tinkerbell) and i regret having bon's first artist do it. the artist he uses now is very good... his shop is near our clinic and his wife is our ortho patient. hehe!

    ill tell bon about this place...

  4. Wooowww its great show man...i like this show..I love tattoos, but honestly you don't need to even like tattoos to enjoy this show. This show has even shown some really high up business men/women having full body tattoos. You would never have guessed it.i was watching an episode of Miami ink where ami did a tattoo that i really liked


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