Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Timely Surprise

It was date night tonight (a weekly thing--more on that in a future post), and Hamil and I had dinner at Poco Deli. Funny how the deli's shelf had this book...

Because that's exactly what my husband did! He presented me with a little gift...

Gee, what could it be?

A sporty watch in go-with-anything white that I've been wanting for ages!

I first saw a similar watch on a friend, who happened to be endorsing it.

Photo from Meli. If you look near my shoulder, you'll see a hint of the watch on D's wrist. Sorry, it's the only pic I could find with him wearing it!

And then, Hamil and I saw The Blind Side, and my eyes zoomed in on Sandra Bullock's watch!

Image from here. There's a scene where she puts her watch on after Michael spent the night for the first time. That's when I first noticed the watch!

After that, Hamil casually asked me if I preferred silver or gold numbers on it. And then tonight, ta-dah!

Aside from the watch, I'm also wearing Hamil's small-ish undershirt in this pic. I have a thing for guys' V-neck undershirts. Maybe I got it from my dad, who normally wears it as pambahay!

I'm planning to buy an additional strap (still rubber but shaped like links), but as is, I lurve lurve lurve it. It's perfect for my trip. I'm really going to need a watch to help me keep track of the time as I navigate my packed sched!

Hamil says it's his congratulatory gift.* "You deserve it!" he told me. But what did I ever do to deserve such a wonderful husband? Watch or no watch, I lurve lurve lurve him so!

*If you found this blog through Frances's, you probably know why. I haven't really made a formal announcement or anything...


  1. Hello, Tisha, I got here from Topaz Horizon. I love your watch, it's very versatile. How sweet of your husband to get it for you. ♥ Congratulations on the new watch, and an even bigger congratulations on the new post. All the best to you!

  2. Hi Dea! Thank you! And thanks for dropping by!:)

  3. Haha for a minute there I thought we got the same watch! I just got one of them pretty white Swatch watches for my birthday from Fafel's parents. Yihee. Haha. Mebbe I should post about it. Congrats on the new watch! It's so pretty! :P

  4. Yihee. Parang anak na talaga!:D

  5. Hi What model is that watch is? been looking for a simple not so girly watch but with the ooomph factor too haha :) Thanks

  6. Congrats on the watch (it's really the hot trend now), the hubby and for being the new editor-in-chief of Good Housekeeping Philippines!!!

    What an exciting life!

  7. Hi summergirl! Unfortunately I don't know what model it is! Tried looking for it all over the little pamphlet but it didn't seem to be there, unless it's called "Scuba Fun"!

    Frances! Well. There you go. Someone else announced it for me. Haha. Thanks!:)


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