Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Aaand Rolling!

At my last job, I had a bunch of TV appearances and radio tours. In fact, since last year, I've been on air nearly every month. Our PR girl Kriztel (whom I fondly called our pimp) was very gung-ho about getting us spots. I used to be reluctant, for fear of saying something idiotic on air. But eventually I realized that it was great exposure for my former mag, and since I loooved the mag, I was willing to promote it to death. It became so easy to get me to go on these promotional things that Kriztel started calling me her TV Fairy!

On the set of ANC's Shoptalk. My top from SM, jeans by Jag, shoes from CMG.

At this new job, our PR girl Ingrid has been asking me and our managing ed to appear on all these shows. I really would like to, but things have been crazy busy that for the most part, I've had to say no. With the travel time to the studios (traffiiiiic), and the hair and makeup, and the waiting, these would've taken up so much time--time which I needed to spend at my desk.

After the nth time that Ingrid asked me, the guilt kicked in. I didn't want her to think I was uncooperative, and the taping schedule she gave worked with my sched for that day. And so I finally had my first ever TV guesting as acting editor in chief!

Such pretty , fit hosts! And super warm and upbeat! Can you believe Christine has five kids?!

It was on a show called Full Time Moms, hosted by lovely ladies Christine Jacob and Suzi Entrata. I had to demonstrate how to waterproof a bag. My outfit wasn't exactly the most appropriate for a demo, but I didn't have much time to plan (I only found out about the morning taping the night before). So I just threw on something light-colored and airy to make it apt for a morning show.

With the hosts and Smart Parenting editor in chief Mia, who also taped a segment for the same episode. My top from Wisdom at Archeology, skirt from SM (notice a pattern here?), shoes by Parisian!

I think this also marked the first time that I appeared on TV with my hair up! Haha. Hairstylists normally give me big, sexy waves or curls. This time, the hairstylist couldn't blowdry my hair because we were right at the studio and they were already taping the other segments; hence, we had to settle for hair appliances that didn't make any noise (i.e., a flat iron). He gave me a cool, red-carpet-worthy updo that I wish I could replicate for weddings!

I normally only tell my parents and my husband when I'm appearing on TV, but I do want to promote my current mag to death now! So if anyone's interested in seeing my super short segment, it's airing this Friday at 10:30 a.m. on QTV.


  1. u're wearing the AWESOME shoes tisha! beautiful!!! remember when i saw u on shoptv that one time? i was soooo excited, it's not always na u see people u know on TV!

    u're such a celebrity! hahaha! will check QTV this friday... :P

  2. Yihee celebrity. Haha. I like your purple skirt! SM rules! LOL

  3. Look like you have a very fun job!
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  4. I completely forgot to tell my parents about the show! Haha.

    PetiteLittleGirl, there's a lot of hard work involved (I swear!) but I just normally write about the fun stuff.:)


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