Saturday, June 26, 2010

Real Home Ideas 5 Book Launch

Real Living, my former magazine, launched the fifth book in its Real Home Ideas series last June 23. Five books, one for every year I was with this mag! Read more about Real Home Ideas 5: Small Space solutions here.

Behind-the-scenes info: That actually isn't the final final cover! If you get your own copy, you'll see a brown bunny peaking into the page on the left-hand side, beside the hot pink bunny! There's also a bit more of the blue wall in the final version. On a side note, that Eames rocker is love.

It's funny how I still refer to RL as "we" or "us." It's a hard habit to break--I was with, er, them for half a decade, after all! Within those years, I attended six book launches (including one that wasn't part of the Real Home Ideas series). While each was fun, I think this last one has got to be my favorite!

Maybe it's because I didn't have to think about the event so much, and simply had to attend.

(Top) With RL staffers, former RL art director and now Good Housekeeping creative director Carlo, and Frances, whose super pretty home is on the cover of our book; (above) the girls of RL, past and present

Maybe it's because of the fabulous setups by stylist Issa Villar and designers Frenjick Quesada, Grace Moslares, and Kristine Neri.

Grace and her bedroom setup

Maybe it's because I got to see people that I don't get to see so often nowadays.

Well, I thankfully still get to see Coni (far left) every day! But I don't get to work with writer Chinggay, stylist Issa, and photog Miguel as much anymore.

Maybe it's because some of the most unexpected people surprised me by showing up!

(Top) Former teammates (although I'm still hoping that they'd show up on the field one of these days) SGV partner AMP and "The Shadow" Reggie; (above) my mom--who hasn't missed a book launch--with my cousin Ate Bing and my niece Celine, who are here from abroad

Maybe it's because romance was in the air...

Tisha Likes this!

Maybe it was the food from Amici, the conversations I had with various people, the generally festive atmosphere. Whatever it was, I thoroughly enjoyed myself! If you weren't able to join in the fun, at least run out and buy the book! It was my last project with them as a full-time member of the staff. It really is a great book--full of tips and ideas and inspiration and beautiful homes! Only P195, available at bookstores.

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