Monday, June 7, 2010

Tishie's Travels: Stripes, Stripes, Baby!

I think that, when it comes to clothes, I tend to have a theme when I travel. It makes it easier for me to narrow down my wardrobe choices! During one beach trip, I packed only black and/or white bikinis; on another, all floral bikinis.

During my NY trip, I loaded up on stripes! Stripes (especially black and white ones) seem to be everywhere this season. I like classic pieces and am not particularly trendy, but I don't think stripes will ever go out of style anyway. Stuff that made it into my luggage:

A black and white striped shirt from Amanda's Place, which I wore to work.

In the conference room, with a view of Hell's Kitchen

Paired it with black leggings from Greenhills, a long gray cardi from Candy, and black biker boots from Kate Moss by Topshop (got them on sale...from, like, P7,000--about $155--to P700--about $15!). I layered skinny jeans over the leggings and changed into a black rock n' roll jacket when I went to see Wicked that night--it was pretty cold, and we just walked from our apartment, so thicker clothes were a must.

Super cute, colorful socks which I got ages ago from Sock Shop in London.

A dress from Collezione (notice the Philippine map on one side!). Wore it to Central Park on a warm, sunny day.

It was relatively warm but had to wear the jacket to free up my hands--it took some effort to climb dem boulders! The things we do for photo ops.

Toe socks (no photo, sorry!) from...I don't even remember where I got those from, but my husband cracks up whenever he sees me wearing 'em.

Another shirt from Amanda's Place.

With my butterball Filipino-Italian-Puerto Rican nephew!

I put it together with a tan jacket, dark jeans, and these adorable Parisian flats from SM...

Aren't they the cutest? I'll be doing a post about my Parisian shoes next!


  1. i love you SHOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I LOVE those flats! Gorgeous goldenrod color and oversized rosette.

  3. And they were pretty cheap too! I can't remember exactly how much but they must have been around $15.:)


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