Saturday, June 26, 2010

Book Launch Outfit

On a related note, I wore this outfit to the book launch...

Dress from Uniqlo, belt and earrings from SM, shoes from Janylin, y'all recognize that Swatch watch, and that clutch from a friend.

A little something about Uniqlo, for the uninitiated: It's like a Japanese Gap, and I was introduced to it by my NY-based brother. The store in SoHo is packed with stylish people looking for reasonably priced (yes, even after involuntarily and mentally converting from dollars to pesos) finds with a bit of an edge. I bought a couple of things for my husband there too!

The dress is pretty versatile--I can wear the shell with or without a belt. It's loose so I don't feel self-conscious in it. It's got slits on the sides, so I don't feel so mumsy--there's quite a bit of leg exposed through those slits when I belt the dress. I can even wear this as a top if I use a wider cinch belt. Oh, Uniqlo. Someday, I'll be back.


  1. i just came back from singapore and bot a few stuff from uniqlo... ehheh love their leggings.

  2. You look tres chic! You're right, Uniqlo SoHo was packed beyond belief. My New York friends speak of it as a very trendy place, but my Asian friends were like ..."what's the big deal? It's like Old Navy in Japan..."

    Anyways, lovely dress and accessories : )

  3. Mental note: Swing by Uniqlo next time I'm in Singapore!

    PAG, it's funny coz some of my friends say "Uniqlo" with this sort of dreamy look on their faces. Haha. A lot of their stuff is pretty basic, but there are a few gems.:) My brother loves their character tees--the ones with old-school robots on them!

  4. it is also a hit now in Paris...i love their heat technology, very comfy during wintertime....btw, love your dress!!!


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