Friday, June 18, 2010

Back to Back, Baby!

I tend not to do two posts a day, but this is an exception.

Epic game. Sloppy first half. Down by double digits. The worst scoring output everrr (or at least this series!) from the Black Mamba--sure, he had 23 points, but 6-of-24? Come on. (At least he tried to make up for it with rebounds.) There was also an inexcusable number of missed free throws. But still, the Staples Center roared behind their team. Artest hustled on both ends--scoring when it mattered and being the bane of Paul Pierce's life. Fisher made a crucial three. Gasol...well, he's proven this season that he ain't soft y'all.

Kobe bailed this team out repeatedly over this season (remember those six buzzer beaters?). This time, they had his back. Awesome Hollywood ending. LAKERS, BABY!!!

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