Saturday, June 12, 2010

Today's Lunch

If I had the time, I really would make something for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. (I hesitate to say "cook" because today's lunch didn't involve much cooking.) And I would bake in between meals! Sigh.

Today, I pan-fried salmon patties from the supermarket, then put them in buttered and toasted English muffins. And since my body's been crying out for natural food, I made a side salad of lettuce and roasted veggies (tomatoes and eggplants drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and crushed peppercorns...was too cheap to buy zucchini, and I'm not a fan of bell peppers!) with Italian dressing. Would've been nice to have shaved parmesan, but I settled for the available fake parmesan at home. Nice, relatively light lunch--though that salmon would have been loads better with some cream cheese! Mmmm.


  1. looks yum! i dont have time to make meals for myself and the husband :) good thing we have reliable housemates :)

  2. Meanwhile, we have reliable restaurants near our house. Har.


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