Friday, June 18, 2010

Morning Show

I'm not a morning person in the sense that getting out of bed is an absolute struggle for me. But when I guest on a morning show, I have to be up and about even before the sun is.

With host Eunice Marino. People who saw me later that day couldn't recognize me with straight hair!

Yesterday, I guested on Net25's Home Page, and since the show airs at 8:00 am, this meant I had to be at the studio by 7:00 am And given the crazy Manila traffic these days, this meant I had to be ready to leave my place by 6:00 am. Which means I had to be up by 5:30 am! Thirty minutes was all the time I needed to drink some Milo, take a shower, and throw on this simple outfit...

White empire-cut tube from Greenhills, jeans from Robinsons, ouchy white shoes from Janylin, bag from Landmark, Chanel-ish jacket from a friend (no brand. It just says "Made in Italy"!), watch by Swatch. I don't remember where I got the shades from. My coverup didn't register well on my cam, but it's this cute, nubby, predominantly baby pink jacket.

I like guesting on Net25 because the vibe is so chill, and everyone's just so polite (even at an ungodly hour when I'm still supposed to be under the covers). I've guested on shows where the vibe was frenzied and stressful, and people were downright rude! And one of the little perks at this particular network: The people from the show usually send me off with a four-layer sandwich!

There are supposed to be four pieces but one had already found its way into my stomach by the time I remembered to take a picture...

Yes, I'm that easy to please.


  1. You are so pretty and chic! :) If you have a video, it would be great to watch it! :)

  2. i have that ouchy white shoes from jannilyn... they are ouchy tlaga!!!

    and, yum yum ang sandwich ha!

  3. Thanks Teeyah! My husband (my biggest or, perhaps, my only fan!) always asks me to get videos of my TV appearances. I've asked our PR girls to get me copies, but no such luck. As it is, the only evidence I have of media domination (haha) is a copy of a rough version of a TVC I was in years ago.:o

    Crickette, I had a lunch event that day so I wasn't able to eat the entire thing. I gave it away na lang! It was a very nice, well-balanced sandwich though. I thought it would be too carb-y but it wasn't.


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