Saturday, September 25, 2010

And the Winner Is...

About a month ago, I asked friends both online and offline to help me choose a swimsuit for Hamil's and my first anniversary trip. The winning suit:

I got this cute li'l number online from Cocomo. I like that the material doesn't look cheap, plus there's an extra layer underneath so it's not flimsy. I got a medium, and it fit the bust area and hip area, but the torso was a tad loose. (But hey, better too loose than too tight!) The spots where the straps attach to the bust were a little uncomfy, but I couldn't remove the straps for fear that I would pull a Heidi Montag--I kept having to pull up the bust area. Oh well. I think I would still order from Cocomo in the future--cuteness outweighs all the little cons!

Thanks to those who voted!


  1. yay! i wanted the same one too, thanks to you for posting it in your previous post. but unlucky for me, the small size dint fit well and medium is out of stock. i think you got the last medium piece :D

  2. Oh, sorry about that! Did you try checking stores if they still have it in medium? I saw the brand at one of the stalls in Archeology at Power Plant.


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