Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kiss #3: One Year, and Counting!

First anniversary weekend getaway in Mini Santorini (will blog in detail about it soon)

A year ago (or, more accurately, one year, one week, and two days ago), I officially became the luckiest girl alive: I married the man I've been with since I was 19. (And nope, we never broke up. It was never on the table.) The man who surprised me with an old-fashioned serenade; who used to commute under the heat of the summer sun just to see me; who waited six hours for me without complaint (that was when I knew); who still opens the car door for me even in the age of automatic locks; who not only lets me do my own thing but, more importantly, cheers me on; who still surprises me with flowers for no reason; who bravely eats and even compliments my failed kitchen experiments ("Masarap naman yung part na hindi sunog ah...").

Honestly, I thought that by now, the whole living-together thing would have gotten old. But it's still a thrill to go home to him/have him come home to me; to have whispered conversations (and a good laugh) as we lie in bed, covering everything from the mundane to the meaning of life; to wake up beside him every morning--I could do without the blare of his alarm though. You'd think that spending so much time together would make me so sick of being around him. But we part in the morning, and by the afternoon I'm missing him. Always.

Happy first anniversary, Hamil! Here's to us getting even better with age!


  1. I like all the kiss photos, you never fail to capture the moment, so candid and full of love.

    Posts like this {like I've said but I won't get tired of it}, makes me want to fall in love and get married.

    Then of course I return to reality that it's not yet happening. But these things make me think positive :)

    Thank you for that feeling :)

  2. You two are amazing! Like Teeyah, you guys make me want to get married, as in now na! Love the kiss photos, I'm a big fan of kissing, hehe!

    Can't wait to read about your getaway!



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