Monday, September 27, 2010

What Price Beauty?

How much do you spend on beauty treatments/maintenance per year?

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I always thought of myself as someone with very basic beauty needs--the occasional haircut, monthly manis and pedis. But in the past couple of years my list has grown to accommodate moisturizers and other facial creams (although I sometimes get these things for free), regular waxing treatments, hair color maintenance, and now, eyelash extensions. This last one, I could probably do without--it's not something I have to get regularly. I still don't have facials on my list (I've never had one), and thankfully I get loads of free makeup from work so I very rarely go makeup shopping. But I gotta say, I'm slightly alarmed.

The thing is, I've come to see all these things as my New Basics for looking polished (or, at the very least, presentable!). When I hit 30, I told myself that I would make an effort to always (or almost always) look put together. This meant no more flipflops at the office (even if they're allowed) or cutesie T-shirts (except when I'm running to the grocery store, going to the beach, or hanging out with my family). The biggest exception, perhaps, is when I'm on the field and all vanity goes out the window.

More than once, I've been told that I look like a boy on the field. So much for polish.

When I was lamenting all the kachings needed for ka-kikayan, Hamil tried to make me feel better by saying, "But you look good." Thank you, dear husband, for saying so. And for not rolling your eyes at all these seemingly frivolous expenses!

Anyhoo, this got me really curious about other girls' beauty budgets. What products and treatments do you splurge on to stay pretty? What do you consider your own beauty basics, stuff that you really spend your hard-earned money on?


  1. I cringe at myself for being extremely high maintenance when it comes to beauty. Probably not as high when compared with other girls but I wished I looked like this when I wake up. I have long decided black and straight hair is not for me so I've stuck with colored and permed hair forever, and will always do. Which means, I will always spend on it, argh :|

    I do spend on moisturizer and eye creams because it's skincare, but things like makeup, I don't do as much as I have before. I do spend on waxing, moreso if I'm headed to the beach.

    Ang hirap maging girl minsan but the process always feel like it's worth it though :)

  2. Hamil is very well trained, ha! ;p

    Me, I'm pretty basic myself but I do have to have my hair colored and my eyebrows shaped. Vince likes it also when I have my salon days or when i super dress up. He really encourages it! He likes it whenever I come home/come out of the bedroom looking different. He said before that it's like going out with a different woman each time. Nyak!

  3. Teeyah, it is hard (and expensive!) being a girl! But you're right, the money also pays for the intangibles--that extra spring in our step after we have our hair done, that awesome super smooth feeling after getting legs waxed!

    Frances, isn't it great when our men appreciate our efforts? I remember Hamil and I were discussing that saying about how being with one woman is like having adobo every day. He said, "You're a buffet!" Hahaha

  4. I'm more basic than basic. I'm so lazy and I couldn't be bothered most of the time.

    I told myself to start moisturizing, especially since I'm getting older, though. I feel that I'll be regretting it in the future. Occasionally, I do though, moisturize... but I don't feel it as necessary as baths and tooth brushing! (hahaha!)

    I really wish I could spend more for beauty. Get haircuts more often, get mani-pedis more often, buy more expensive make-ups, get my hair colored (etc)... but it doesn't come naturally to me at all. I've only had my hair colored 3 times in my life and yeah, I've never had a facial too!

  5. There was a time when I was skipping moisturizer. Then I came across a blog of this girl who has AMAZING skin. And people kept asking her about it, and she was like, "First, always moisturize. Always. You think there isn't any difference, but there is. I can tell!" Haha.

    I've only gotten my hair colored four times, but since I really like the results, it looks like I'm sticking to it. The makeup thing, I rarely do--because I'm so tamad to remove it! And facials...I think I should visit the derma. I'm not getting any younger, and my freckles keep popping up. Damn sun damage. All the SPF70 in the world can't protect me from the constant exposure.:s

  6. I should get Sakie to comment here. She doesn't wear much makeup, but she does use various products to clean and moisturize, etc. Personally, I think she looks fine without that and it takes up too much of her time to do, but then again, I am a man and I'm sure I don't understand well enough :-)

  7. Interestingly, by saying that you "don't understand well enough," it shows that you do.:D

  8. ive given up on eyelash good to go w/ just my tinted moisturizer and lipstick. :P

    on other note, was looking for you in here:


  9. Oh I haven't played in international tourneys. And the disc community is pretty big na. I'm not one of the top-tier players so mejo malabong masali ako sa writeup. Hehe


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