Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kiss #1: Wedding Day

This is where The 100 Kisses Project begins: our wedding day, almost exactly one year ago!

  • Hamil and I exchanged our vows (and our first kiss as husband and wife) in front of a packed church!
  • We had a very pretty, Martha Stewart Weddings-worthy wedding--from my peacock- and ostrich-feather-festooned bouquet, to the black spray-painted doilies on the tables, the accordion frames with our sponsors' pictures and table numbers, the very chic setup and yummy food by Kaye Cunanan, the black lace surrounding the three tiers of our (free) pristine white cake...sigh.
  • Modesty aside, I think we had one of the most fun weddings I've ever been to! A number of our friends actually got sloshed, we had pizza delivered at midnight (wiped out in five minutes flat!), and people danced til 2:00 AM!
I gotta say though, the wedding was fun, but the marriage so far--it's a total blast!


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