Thursday, September 2, 2010

Holy Ant Invasion, Batman!

I am seriously stressing out over our ant problem at home! For weeks, I've been noticing trails of ants on the floor, near the stairs, in the kitchen. And please don't think it's a lack of hygiene on our part because we're quite good at cleaning up after ourselves! I've followed a few trails and they all lead to little holes in the wood--in the kitchen cabinet, in the bathroom doorway. So I'm assuming they're nesting somewhere in the bones of our home. AND IT'S DRIVING ME NUTS!!!

Hamil pointed out that we have two kinds of ants. While I'm manic about killing them, no questions asked, he's all about knowing his enemy ("We have red ones, and we have black ones"). I keep attacking them with moist paper towels (die, ants, die!), and they retreat for a bit before coming out later on when that mad, five-foot-one-and-a-half giantess is gone. I've tried wiping their trails with vinegar, I think I've even tried petroleum jelly, and they've worked to some extent. But these home remedies aren't a permanent solution. And I'm not too happy about having a first floor that smells like suka.

Good Housekeeping managing editor Kat theorizes that ants are seeking shelter indoors from the rains--apparently the little critters are everywhere these days. I know Hamil and I have more than enough space for two people, but I do not want to share quarters with a battalion of ants! I'm tired of doing the "good enough" way and am seriously considering calling in the pros. I've got a number already, but if you've had an ant extermination experience, and can recommend a good exterminator, please please leave a comment!


  1. hey tish! i used to have the same problem before. Baygon Chalk is the best :) I think there's an insecticide version as well which you can spray through the tiny holes. hope this helps!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I'm worried that chalk won't be enough to eradicate whatever nests they have though.:s

  3. hi Tisha, go to Handyman and look for a small bottle of Terra ant poison. I think Frances featured it on her blog before. the ants carry bits of the poison back to the colony, which kills them, including the queen (hopefully)

  4. Hey, thanks a lot! Hope it works!


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