Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Mexican Monster at Ristras

So I finally got to try the famous burrito at Ristras.

I had been warned that one is good enough for sharing. And share it we did--Hamil and I halved one because seeing that thang just scared the crap out of me (his was the bigger portion). I swear, it was nearly as wide as my neck!

We ordered the steak burrito (a rather pricey P340, but since we were sharing, it was OK I guess), and watched as the server piled on the fillings: chorizo rice (other option: cilantro and lime rice), pinto beans, steak, onions, salsa, cheese, jalapenos, corn, sour cream, guacamole, and a heap of guilt.

It amazes me to think that there's actually a Godzilla burrito--one more massive than this one. There's a board at the cantina displaying names of those who successfully annihilated said burrito, including the amount of time it took them to do so (best time so far is 48 minutes). If you finish it, you get a shirt, bragging rights, and seven extra pounds. If you don't, you have to cough up a thousand bucks!

So, the burrito. Apart from its heft, I gotta say there really isn't anything notable about it. For something that has so many ingredients, it sure tasted rather...bland. It was interesting eating something that I could probably use as a dumb bell for the 30 Day Shred, but I probably wouldn't order the same thing next time. For a burrito fix, I'd still head to Mexicali!

Ristras is at J. Abad Santos cor. Lopez Jaena (near Wilson), San Juan City.


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