Friday, September 10, 2010

Scent of a Woman

My husband doesn't understand why I'm willing to pay $16 for this...

By Candidate, from here

"But, but, it's the kind of art I appreciate. Besides, $16 is less than P1,000," I reasoned. "I want it for Christmas."

"Yun lang pala eh," he replied. (That's loosely translated as, "Is that all?")

"Among other things!" I quickly added.

In my quest to crowd our still-bare dressing-room walls with original prints, I've been trawling Etsy for fashion illustrations. Not a good idea. I'm starting to think I can become a collector of these things, and am imagining prints on the walls of our future baby's nursery, future kids' rooms, commissioned works...

I think I was drawn to this particular print because, for one thing, Chanel No. 5 reminds me of my mom, and for another, I consider it the scent of a sophisticated woman (something I strive to be--which, in itself, is ironic because a truly sophisticated woman wouldn't even have to try!). I was introduced to this classic scent maybe 15 years ago, when Mumsy had a bottle of it on her dresser. I didn't realize then that it was a legendary fragrance, and wasn't even particularly attracted to its scent--although I used it liberally. You just knew it was something special once you got a whiff of it--and putting it on made me feel so grown up!

Hmmm...the more I write about it, the more I want the actual perfume for Christmas! Let's hope Hamil still replies with, 'Yun lang pala eh!"


  1. My "grown up" scent from Mommy's dresser when I was a kid was Elizabeth Arden. Can't remember though if it was Red Door or Sunflowers.

  2. hey tish!

    here are some artists i like too. so far i've only bought from kurt halsey. but i plan to get prints from sophie black and john clark sometime soon too! :)

  3. Hey Lei! You know, I remember wearing "grown-up" scents a lot when I was a kid because I would just use whatever was on my mom's dresser. Now that I'm grown up (debatable), I use lighter scents na. Veird. Or maybe I just know better? Haha

    Tish! Thanks for sharing the links! What do you do with the prints? Do you frame them and mount them somewhere?


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